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We are Mediators Without Borders

MWB is an educational organization for our proprietary, research-based InAccord Conflict Analysis® model for Mediation, Arbitration and Restorative Justice training. We provide our students with the model and survey instruments to use in private practice, as associates, or within our InAccord Justice Centers around the globe.

Training Courses

Live Classroom Training InAccord Mediation and Arbitration Certificate Courses as well as On-line Certification classes available.
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Graduate Credit Courses with Excelsior College

Mediators Without Borders, in partnership with Excelsior College, offers a 16 credit hour Graduate Certificate in Mediation and Dispute Resolution to apply to your advanced degree.
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Our Books

InAccord Conflict Analysis Model
In Justice, inAccord addresses the need for people to find a sense of fairness and dignity when faced with inevitable life conflicts.

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A Message from Professor Brian Luther, JD

Why Choose MWB?

 Training programs through Mediators without Borders are designed to empower the disputants, and informs the mediation approach that is used, based on disputant needs.
The idea of this model is to make the skills of conflict resolution directly available to the parties engaged in the conflict. Transparency is the central guiding principle of the InAccord model. Transparency means making the covert overt, shedding the roles of expert, and be open to mistakes and new awareness at every level of the process.
We believe the InAccord model of mediation is revolutionizing the field by providing a research validated way of determining the efficacy of mediation services and education.  No longer do we have to guess or wonder if our trainees or the parties to a dispute “get” what we are trying to “teach”.  We can know immediately what they understand and, more importantly, what they do not understand.

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